Unit Plan

An Introduction to Nutrition

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Whether you need a new textbook for your health class, or a few exercises and passages for your lesson on nutrition, you'll find what you need with a thorough nutritional science resource. With 15 chapters that cover elements of nutrition (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and fluids), the politics of food sustainability, weight management, and the effect of genes and socioeconomic status on metabolism and health, the text is sure to fill any gap you may find in your existing curriculum.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the discussion starters in each section as writing prompts to begin your class period
  • Post learning objectives on the board, and have class members write down their progress in a journal throughout the unit
  • Send the link to the resource to learners through email so they can access the materials when needed
  • Assign parts of the text as reading before your lecture the next day for a flipped classroom experience
Classroom Considerations
  • At 813 pages, the resource can be daunting; click on the page numbers in the table of contents to immediately find the content you need
  • The wording in the reading passages may be a little advanced for younger or struggling readers
  • Links to additional videos, materials, and online tools enhance the learning experience
  • Covers virtually every element of a well-rounded unit on nutrition and food energy
  • None