Lesson Plan

An Attack on Syria- What Would You Do?

Has United States military intervention in the conflicts of other countries always been warranted? After reviewing a brief background on contemporary US conflicts and reading articles describing the civil war in Syria, your learners review a hypothetical situation in which they are asked to decide whether or not the US should take military action in the area.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider having your learners research the background information and their hypothetical roles themselves in order to evaluate other sources of information and develop a more balanced perspective
  • Provides all handouts, including historical background, map, activity instructions and debrief questions
  • Current event topic and simulation will engage learners
  • Involves group collaboration and opportunity for learners to develop and gain a well-rounded perspective 
  • Check for prior knowledge among class before beginning, as many learners may not have sufficient background knowledge to complete the warm-up activity
  • Will need to provide structure for group collaboration and debate
  • If pressed for time, you may wish to skip the video clip, as it does not necessarily contribute to the overall lesson, nor provide any substantial information