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20th Century American Art

For Teachers 12th - Higher Ed
See the changes, controversy, and innovations that define postwar American art. The onset of the modern art era in American history is well-defined in this slide-show. You'll see how Abstract Expressionism shifted into conceptual, pop,...
Lesson Planet

Responding: "Guerrila" Art

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders are introduced to performance art as a way to respond to important current-day issues in society. Pupils create their very own original art work using photography and poetry. These three lessons do a nice job of, not only...
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African Masks And Their Impact On Western Art

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Explore the influence of African-style masks on Western art. Learners create individual masks using construction paper. They discuss and explore the techniques used to create these types of masks. The resource includes links to...
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Shape and Form in Art

For Teachers K - 4th
Introduce youngsters to the important role shape and form play in art with this extensive collection of activities and projects. From teaching first graders how to create mandalas to engaging third and fourth graders in the design of...
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Performance into Art

For Teachers 11th - Higher Ed
Students explore two works of art of performance art. For this performance art lesson, students analyze performance art in the examples of Yves Klein and Joseph Beuys. Students complete image based discussion activities. Students...
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Lesson: Nikhil Chopra: Performing Memory

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Film imitates life; that's what they say. Using performance theory to tie the instructional activity together, learners attempt to understand memory and daily rituals as seen in art, film, and life. They read two chapters from the book,...
1 In 1 Collection
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Lesson: Skin Fruit: Ideas of Empathy in Janine Antoni's Work

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Kids get artistic as they explore the impact of art materials, sculpture, and performance. They discuss the work of Janine Antoni and then create a performance piece that reflects social or global issues they feel strongly about. The end...
Lesson Planet

Lesson 16: Perform and Inform

For Teachers 3rd - 5th Standards
It's showtime! After an ample amount of preparation, scholars perform their final dance based on a phrase or word of their original free-verse poem. Following the performance, class members discuss their thoughts and feelings regarding...
Lesson Planet

Lesson: Urs Fischer: Your Choice: Reality or Illusion?

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Young analysts write a comparative essay, but about what? They compose a paper based on several critical discussion about reality and illusion, and how both are blurred in art. They analyze several theatre pieces that exemplify Brechtian...
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Arts and Economics Infographic Questionnaire

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
How do careers in the arts contribute to America's gross domestic product? Use an informative infographic that details the economic details of careers in the core arts, including design services, performing arts, and arts education, to...
Lesson Planet

Activism Through the Arts

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
The arts often reflect the social struggles and concerns in society. The third instructional activity of four links the arts to activism and environmental concerns. Scholars learn about the role of art and artists statements. and...
Lesson Planet

High Anxiety

For Teachers 6th - 12th
The Learning Network section of the New York Times produces high-quality teaching materials. This issue gets middle or high schoolers reading an article about how people use art to express their response to high-stress events. They work...
Lesson Planet

Black Tiger Academy Martial Arts Fitness Unit – Lesson 8

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up."—Jesse Jackson. Black Tiger Academy’s martial arts lesson eight of 20 has a teambuilding activity in which the class has to work together to solve a problem. After this...
Lesson Planet

Black Tiger Academy Martial Arts Fitness Unit – Lesson 18

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
“There are no short cuts to any place worth going."—Beverly Sills. Black Tiger Academy’s martial arts instructional activity 18 of 20 focuses on goal setting. Discuss the difference between short-term goals and long-term goals. Then...
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Performance Principles for Musical Theatre

For Students 6th - 12th
Introduce theatre arts students to the principles of musical theatre with a short information sheet that identifies and explains the importance of eight performance principles. 
Lesson Planet

Questions in Art History

For Students 9th - 12th
This worksheet provides a wonderful scaffold for those learning how to analyze art in a critical and thoughtful way. It describes what art historians do, then requires learners to view and analyze one of the listed works. Twelve...
Lesson Planet

Same and Different Through Music and Art

For Teachers K
This lesson plan is intended for a music class but would be a great way to teach compare and contrast to any class. Kindergarteners dance the Hokey Pokey to four different styles of music and examine two paintings of Humpty Dumpty, then...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers K - Higher Ed
Students explore the work of Sha Sha Higby. In this visual arts lesson, students watch a video segment about artist Sha Sha Hugby, study images of her sculptures and performance art, and collaborate to create their own performance art...
Lesson Planet

Lights! Cameras! Action!: Creating a Drama About the Lyme Art Colony

For Teachers 4th - 7th
Discuss the lives of artists in the Lyme Art Colony in the 1900s with this resource. Young historians write and perform a short scene depicting individuals who lived in the Griswold boardinghouse, used by the colony artists. They use the...
Lesson Planet

Using the Internet - Art and Design

For Students 7th - Higher Ed
An interesting resource that might work best in an upper level art course, this handout provides a list of nine websites where young artists can read and study about all forms of art. These online resources range from a dictionary of...
Lesson Planet

Intro to Art

For Teachers 3rd - 9th
Students explore illusions by drawing and viewing images in class. In this art perspective lesson plan, students analyze a skeleton outline drawing which demonstrates the ability to draw in a two point perspective. Students utilize the...
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For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Children are naturally interested in musical instruments because they enjoy rhythm and sounds. An early exposure to instruments can enhance a child's knowledge, interest, and appreciation of music. Increase your young learners' knowledge...
Lesson Planet

Musical Theater Performance

For Teachers 7th - 12th Standards
Musical theater is a trifecta, requiring cast members to be actors, singers, and dancers. Help theater arts students develop these skills with a unit designed to prepare them for a staging of a musical.
Lesson Planet

When Art Conveys Political and Social Conflict

For Teachers 12th
Twelfth graders consider art as a medium to convey information and opinions on social conflict and issues. They analyze images from the Crocker Art Museum, discuss their effectiveness in raising awareness of an issue, and create a...

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