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37 reviewed resources for mexican independence day

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Phonics Song 2 (new version) Video
Phonics Song 2 (new version)
Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the Real World - Problem 2 Video
Algebra 50 - Three Variable Systems in the...
Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the Right-Hand Rule Video
Three-Dimensional Coordinates and the...
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Lesson Planet

Dia de la Independencia

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Students learn about Mexican Independence Day.  In this Hispanic Heritage instructional activity, students learn about holidays in Hispanic countries specifically looking at their days of independence.  Students read information about...
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Viva Cinco de Mayo

For Students 4th - 8th Standards
Many people think Cinco de Mayo is the celebration Mexican independence, but they're incorrect. Learn about the battle of Puebla and the victory of General Zaragoza with a short reading passage that includes comprehension and vocabulary...
Lesson Planet

Cinco De Mayo Preguntas

For Students 5th - 7th
What is Cinco de Mayo and why do people celebrate it? Use a handy resource to organize all the facts about the Mexican holiday. There are 13 statements for learners to fill in as they read or hear a lecture on the topic. 
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Mexico's Day of the Dead

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Students explore global culture by researching a Mexican holiday. In this Day of the Dead lesson, students read assigned text which discusses the view of death in several different cultures including the U.S. and Mexico. Students write a...
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Mexican Independence Day

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students realize that countries have celebrations unique to them and demonstrate their understanding of the concept of tradition. They identify a family tradition that is important to each of them and demonstrate their understanding of...
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Manifest Destiny

For Teachers 8th - 11th
Complete with maps, photographs, and historical documents, this presentation would be a great resource throughout a unit about mid-19th century America. Manifest Destiny, Texas Independence, the Oregon Trail, and the Mexican War are all...
Lesson Planet

On This Day: The Battle of the Alamo

For Students 7th - 12th
A thought-provoking resource shares information on the Battle of the Alamo and its lasting impact on history. Scholars learn about Davy Crockett, a famous frontiersman, killed defending the Alamo. Video clips also explain that...
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Mexican Holidays

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students celebrate Mexican holidays. In this global studies lesson, students collaborate to research the Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo. Students present their findings about the holidays and host classroom celebrations.
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Cinco de Mayo

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Students become familiar with the celebration of Cinco de Mayo and the reasons Mexico fought for independence. In this Cinco de Mayo lesson, students write a KWL about Cinco De Mayo. Students explore celebration vocabulary  in Spanish....
Lesson Planet

Butterflies: A Symbol of Dia de los Muertos

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
What role does the monarch butterfly play in the holiday, Dia de los Muertos? Find out with a lesson that sheds light on symbolism and cultural traditions. A KWL chart shares scholars' knowledge of the holiday and what they want to know...
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Mexico: A Look At Its Culture and Geography

For Teachers 1st
Students canvass the Mexican geography, culture, dress, language, crafts, and traditions in this unit of eight lessons. The Mexican Independance Day is compared to our own and the contributions of the Mayan, Azetec, and Spanish are...
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Texas Revolution

For Teachers 7th - 12th
Need to know more about Texas's state history and how it gained independence from Mexico? Learn about Stephen Austin's visit with Santa Ana and the reasons Texas went to war with Mexico with an informative slideshow presentation.
Lesson Planet

Historical Summaries: Arizona

For Students 8th - 10th
In this Arizona history worksheet, students read a 2-page article about prehistoric, Spanish, Mexican, and American Arizona prior to responding to 2 short answer questions.
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Remember the Alamo

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders comprehend how the siege of the Alamo and the Texas revolution laid the groundwork for the United States-Mexican War. They discuss how westward expansion led to Texas Independence. Students complete the "Remeber the...
Lesson Planet

Cinco De Mayo: ELD Reading and Language-Building

For Students 5th - 10th
A brief passage about the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo is accompanied by an array of language activities for ELD: cloze exercise, phrase matching, word jumble, multiple choice, sequencing, interview, group presentation, fluency writing,...
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Latino Americans: Timeline of Important Dates

For Students 4th - 12th Standards
From 1500-2000, an interactive timeline details important events related to Latino Americans. Next, to each date are small, yet informative blurbs—some of which include videos. 
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Cinco De Mayo

For Teachers 4th - 6th
In this Cinco de Mayo worksheet, students read a detailed history about the holiday. There are then 8 pages with 10 activities on each page to correct. There are some math problems as well, which pertain to Cinco de Mayo.
Lesson Planet

Cinco De Mayo Lesson Plans

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Cinco de Mayo lesson plans allow teachers to discuss the history of this holiday, and engage students in a wide variety of activities.
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Cinco de Mayo - What is it?

For Teachers K - 4th
Students, after examining why the fiesta Cinco de Mayo is celebrated, plan a fiesta that includes invitations, games, music, paper flowers, flags and a menu of authentic foods. By completing this assignment, they enhance their education...
Lesson Planet

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Without Stereotypes

For Teachers 2nd - 12th
Put more meaning into your Cinco de Mayo party with geography lessons, literature, and more!
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Fall Lesson Plans

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Fall lesson plans can combine science, history, and writing into an enticing combination.
1 In 1 Collection
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Rules of Thumb for Faulty Capitalization, Italics, Hyphens, and Quotation Marks

For Teachers 2nd - 11th Standards
Remind your writers that not everything needs to be capitalized with a grammar presentation. Quotations should only be used for dialogue, titles of short works, and some phrases that are being emphasized.
Lesson Planet

Biography Activity: Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla

For Students 7th - 9th
Biographical information is interesting to read and personalizes a historical era. Middle schoolers read a passage on Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, then answer 4 critical-thinking questions.
Lesson Planet

Cinco de Mayo

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
Students identify three celebration activities participated in Cinco de Mayo and explain their significance.