Understanding Science and Engineering Through Solar Power

Collector: Ann V.

The Understanding Science and Engineering Through Solar Power unit module teaches scholars how to conduct investigations and the steps for scientific inquiry and experimentation. To begin, young scientists conduct two probes to investigate electrical energy. The first requires them to think about how electricity is made, while the second has them identify appliances that run on electricity. The third of seven lessons in the Understanding Science and Engineering unit focuses on solar energy. Learners investigate solar-powered calculators and discover how solar modules in the calculators help make them run. Another lesson on solar energy has learners building a circuit for a cooling fan. They test out their hypotheses and then draw a circuit diagram to represent the solution. The fifth installment has pupils learning how to make observations, record data, and create data displays. Each group measures the time it takes for a solar-powered pump to transfer water from one container to the other and then analyzes the resulting data. The culminating activity has pupils design water pumps. In groups, they build a prototype of a design of their choice, then test the pumps. Individuals redesign and make improvements to the pumps based on the results.

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