Lord of the Flies

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Packed with activities, presentations, projects, and assessments, first-time instructors and seasoned veterans will find much to like in this unit based on William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. An 18-slide presentation includes information about author William Golding, his experiences reflected in Lord of the Flies, a summary of the story, the political and religious symbolic levels of the novel, and themes. Another presentation introduces viewers to the many layers of the complex and captivating novel. Chapter-by-chapter worksheets ask readers to find specific examples of characterization, symbolism, setting, conflict, themes, and main ideas. Another lesson asks readers to research allusions to the novel found in popular culture. A worksheet ensures accountability in literature circles by establishing six particular roles for group members. Activities include asking groups to develop a plan for surviving on a remote island, take on the persona of one of the characters, and craft a postcard to send home describing their adventures. To conclude the unit, readers learn to craft a literary analysis of Lord of the Flies using a graphic organizer, a model outline, a model essay, and a detailed rubric. Also included in the packet is an exam that includes matching, true/false, and multiple-choice questions.

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