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LineUp with Math: Math-Based Decisions in Air Traffic Control Grades 5-9

Collector: Ann V.

Teach young traffic controllers what it takes to control planes safely. The first lesson in a series of six introduces the class to the air traffic control situation. The pupils examine units used in air travel, then learn how to read the sector diagram and determine spacing requirements. The second and third interactives present airplanes that violate safety protocols. Pupils must decide how to change their flight paths to keep them at a safe distance from each other. The fourth lesson leads the class to find the difference in distance traveled based upon the difference in speed. The fifth interactive presents problems where pupils must find solutions to conflicts of safety rules. They must decide how to change the speed of the airplanes, so the planes arrive with the appropriate spacing. Finally, Individuals work through a set of problems to eliminate spacing conflicts between three airplanes in flight. The pupils use their knowledge to change the airplanes' speed or route to meet a controller's flight requirements.

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