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Four resources comprise a unit module designed for Octavia E. Butler's Kindred instructors to use in their classes. The first resource in the series, a packet designed for instructors, includes an overview of the unit, a day-to-day calendar, links to background articles, and reading quizzes and tests—a must-have resource for teachers who include Butler's novel in their curriculum. The second resource in the unit is a 16-slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces readers to Butler's themes, motifs, and literary devices in her time-travel, first-person slave narrative. To conclude the unit study, groups use MovieMaker or the class website to publish an original story about slavery in America. The detailed project assignment sheet includes a list of possible topics, step-by-step directions for creating the digital story, and a grading rubric. Also included in the module are three quizzes designed to assess readers' knowledge of events in Kindred. All questions are fact-based rather than asking readers to infer or interpret the text.

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