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Health Smart Virginia: 6th Grade Social Emotional Health

Collector: Ann V.

The five resources in the Health Smart Grade 6 Social-Emotional Health series are designed to support teen’s social and emotional development. An overview provides instructors with the rationale and goals of the unit. Packed with activity ideas, the resource also links to lesson plans, background information, and activity resources. The first lesson in the series provides middle schoolers with an opportunity to craft, deliver, and accept compliments. Another instructional activity focuses on the importance of considering another person's perspective, stopping, thinking, and listening before responding in anger to a conflict. Class members then create personal mind maps that identify their stressors and techniques for effectively managing their stress. The unit ends with pupils taking a happiness survey and watching a PowerPoint about the habits of happy people. Individuals then decorate a paper flower with six positive affirmation statements to benefit from reading often.

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