Common Core Algebra 2, Unit 2: Polynomial Functions

Collector: Ann V.

The four video lessons in the flipped classroom Common Core Algebra II, Unit 2 focus on polynomial functions. To begin, scholars learn how to find a missing coefficient in a polynomial given the remainder of a division problem using the polynomial; how the leading term determines the end behavior of a polynomial function; and how to use the end behavior of a polynomial to identify the graph of the function. Next, learners see how to use the key aspects they know about polynomials to create a graph sketch, factor, calculate the zeros by factoring, find the end behavior, and determine the multiplicity of zeros. Pupils also watch a presentation to discover how to graph a polynomial using a graphing calculator and the window to find the extrema. Unit 2 review problems range from using the Remainder Theorem to find remainders and finding factors; sketching graphs by finding end behavior and multiplicity of zeros; graphing with a calculator to find extrema, and solving problems by finding maximums.

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