Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 5: Bivariate Data

Collector: Ann V.

Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 5 is all about Bivariate Data. The first lesson in the series begins with a video on creating a two-way frequency table. Viewers learn how to calculate relative frequencies within the table to determine whether there is an association between the two categories. The second lesson reviews creating a scatter plot. Learners develop an understanding of correlation and determine whether it is moderate, strong, or none as positive or negative. They also use a graphing calculator to find the equation of a best-fit curve to solve problems. Another video shows how to plot a scatter plot and find the best fit line using the linear regression function. Pupils use the information from the calculator to find the correlation coefficient to determine the strength and direction of the correlation. They also use residuals from the graph to help find how well the best fit line fits. Class members use the problems in the worksheets that accompany each lesson to practice the newly learned skills. Review questions cover creating and interpreting two-way tables and scatter plots with lines of best fit. Scholars finish the review by analyzing a regression line by looking at the correlation coefficient and the residual plot.

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