Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 11: Solving Quadratics

Collector: Ann V.

The final unit in the Algebra 1 Common Core Flipped Classroom series focuses on solving quadratics. First, scholars review how to simplify radicals and add and subtract radical expressions with different radicands. The second of five installments in Algebra I Unit 11 focuses on solving quadratic equations by taking square roots. Scholars learn to solve equations of the form ax^2 + c = d by watching a video and then practice this skill by completing a worksheet. Next, pupils learn to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. Some equations require rewriting the equations in standard form before identifying the values of a, b, and c to use for the formula. The fourth of five videos first reviews perfect squares and perfect square trinomials. Viewers learn how to rewrite quadratic equations in (x - p)^2 = q form and then solve for x. To end the unit, scholars complete a 14-question instructional activity to review solving quadratic equations. They use several different methods: taking square roots, applying the quadratic formula, and completing the square. Once again, each lesson begins with an instructional video, and the lesson packet includes practice packets with solutions and corrective worksheets. The unit ends with an assessment set that reviews the key elements of solving quadratics.

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