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Lesson Planet makes it easy to look up specific topics. Member since 2011.

Chuck T.
Gloucester City, NJ
Yes , I feel like I can bring a variety of resources to my students.

Tessa C.
Cheraw, SC
I have visited many resourceful lesson plans! I love the tools and activities on Lesson Planet.

Linda G.
Lawton, OK
Lesson Planet helps me find great lessons and ideas for activities even for adult learners.

Patti W.
Dekalb, IL
Lesson Planet gives me great current, relevant material to teach from.

Tina B.
Wilmington, DE
Lesson Planet helps me with finding lessons.

Shawna S.
With Lesson Planet, I have an array of lessons I can choose from, written on different levels.

Marcus P.
Wichita, KS
I just started using this site as a supplemental resource. So far so good.

Hugh W.
Newark, NJ
This is our family's first year homeschooling and over the summer we started using this site Lesson Planet to help keep the kids busy. I love all the resources available to us at a price we can afford for now.

Qismat Z.
Columbus, OH
Lesson Planet has helped me find resources that engage my students. The resources available enhance my lessons. I have no issues with my experience on Lesson Planet. Thanks

Daniel R.
As I begin to use the Lesson Planet things are much easier.

Sandra R.
Tampa, FL
Lesson planet offers ideas that enhance my lessons.

Gina P.
Huntington Station, NY
Lesson Planet provided me with various worksheets to supplement lessons for my multi-grade class. Members since 2013. You are doing an excellent job by helping me find a wide range of materials for core subjects.

Maria C.
Moreno Valley, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me develop more effective lessons. I think you guys are great.

Danielle C.
Simsbury, CT
I have found so many new ideas that I had never thought of before! i love using lesson planet to round out my high school, special education, social studies lesson plans. So far it has been worth every penny.

Gena M.
Tucson, AZ
Lesson Planet has provided ideas for how to present the writing process to a student. Keep up the good work!

Monique H.
Lansdowne, PA
I'm four days away from knee-replacement surgery, and I am a brand new science teacher. Lesson Planet is saving my bacon in a big way - even though I am a vegan. THANK YOU!!!!

Clare R.
Kingman, AZ
I am new to this site. However, I am grateful to have found this site to enrich what I am transitioning in to my lessons.

Tina D.
Slidell, LA
Easy to find what I need for lessons. I am a special education teacher at the high school level and Lesson Planet is great to have as a resource I can go to for all age level work.

Joshua K.
Hutchinson, MN
As a teacher, Lesson Planet has served as a well rounded resource in planning lessons. It has also helped me in availability of broad networking. Member since 2004.

Anne A.
Carmel, NY
It has definitely saved me time over the years. I enjoy seeing other teachers ideas to add or enhance my lessons in class. Member since 2011.

Wendy B.
Loganville, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me save time searching for appropriate lesson plans for my adult students. I have found interesting lesson plans and activities on this site that I would not have been able to find otherwise.

Rene D.
Oregon, OH
Being a new teacher, Lesson Planet has helped me develop my lesson plans. Thank you!!!

Serrena N.
Defuniak Springs, FL
Lesson Planet has given me innovative ideas for lessons.

Wilda L.
Saint Louis, MO
Lesson Planet has a been a really great go-to for lessons! It is a great resource.

Anthony R.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has made it easier for me to plan lessons and use this as an extra resource for independent work for my students. Member since 2012.

Paula C.
Hamlin, TX
Lesson Planet ... Love it!!

Kimberly K.
Panama City, FL
Lesson Planet has certainly helped me in the 3 weeks I have been using it. I am currently an 8th grade US History teacher and have downloaded multiple primary sources off of this site. Please keep up the good work. Great resource.

Albert J.
White Hall, AR
Lesson Planet has provided me with valuable lessons for my students. Lesson Planet member since 2012.

John F.
Roanoke, VA
As a Boys and Girls Club Program Assistant, Lesson Planet has given me tons of fun ideas and guidelines to correlate with our programs.

Lindsey S.
Cocoa, FL

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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