Woman Suffrage

New Review

Suffragettes, suffragists, and anti-suffragists. A two-day, richly detailed lesson plan has young historians investigate the twentieth-century suffrage movement. Groups examine primary and secondary source materials about Jane Addams and compare her arguments to those of Alice Paul and anti-suffragists. The study ends with pupils crafting a speech, cartoon, or poster that presents a historically accurate representation of the views of either a suffragette, suffragist or anti-suffragist.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Divide the class into groups of suffragettes, suffragists, and anti-suffragists and have them create a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts the views of the three groups
Classroom Considerations
  • Class members should be familiar with the Seneca Falls Convention, the nineteenth-century suffrage movement, and Progressive Era figure Jane Addams
  • Requires access to devices with internet
  • Set aside extra prep time to collect and prepare materials
  • The lesson highlights multiple perspectives on women's suffrage in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and encourages critical thinking
  • A rubric for the project is not included
Common Core