Which Number Should I Call?

Who do you call if you spot someone littering? What if you see a fire? Who should you contact if the garbage truck does not arrive? Find out with a 13-question learning exercise equipped with scenarios for scholars to read and decide which of four telephone numbers is most appropriate for the situation. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Cut out sentences for learners to read to their peers and discuss what number they should call in a mix-pair-share activity 
  • Advise pupils to post numbers next to their phone at home or input them in their mobile phone's contacts for easy access
Classroom Considerations

  • The non-emergency number is location specific; provide the correct number for your city prior to printing the worksheet

  • Gives class members important information for accurately handling a potentially serious problem  

  • Does not provide an instruction as to which number is most appropriate to use
Common Core