What's Your Habitat?

This What's Your Habitat? lesson plan also includes:

How are third graders like rabbits? They both live in habitats and require food, water, and shelter to survive! An educational science lesson encourages your learners to think about their own habitats and survival needs, before comparing their lives to different types of animals.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a biology lesson, an earth science unit, or in language arts for a focus on informational text
  • Bring the extension projects to class as homework assignments or collaborative group activities
  • If you have a class pet, encourage learners to observe the pet's habitat and routines
Classroom Considerations

  • Does not include the background reading as a student handout; consider providing the text with a document viewer or by formatting your own worksheet

  • Includes modifications for older or younger learners, making the lesson versatile for multiple grade levels

  • None