What Makes a Community Healthy?

Young people have an opportunity to make it a beautiful day in their neighborhoods with an activity that asks them to identify what is healthy and unhealthy in their community and develop some ideas about what they can do to fix the unhealthy problems. Groups first map an area, identify problems, and prioritize actions they can take.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Model the process with an area all class members are familiar with but one that does not include where any class members live
Classroom Considerations
  • The first in an eight-lesson Environmental Justice, Equity, and Health unit
  • The lessons are cumulative and designed to be presented in order
  • Requires extra prep time to locate and copy maps of the local area
  • Each student must have a red and green marker
  • Presumes a protocol is in place for safe, respective discussions
  • The lesson is richly detailed and includes suggestions for teacher preparation
  • None