What Are Invertebrates? - Lesson Plan

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Insects, and other invertebrates outnumber vertebrates—segmented-legs down! The first in a five-part series of videos from an Invertebrates series introduces these organisms in all their spineless glory. Each invertebrate phyla takes the stage briefly, and the narrator points out major characteristics and positions on the phylogenetic tree.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Open an invertebrate unit with the video to get pupils thinking about body plans and phylogenetic trees
  • Host a fun scavenger hunt and have the class go outside and make a list of all of the invertebrates they encounter there
Classroom Considerations

  • Pause the video as the narrator closes each branch of the phylogenetic tree to help learners keep track in their notes—she talks fast!

  • The narrator is very animated and funny, the perfect attention-grabber
  • Scholars gain experience in using diagrams and anatomical structures to identify and group organisms

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