Urban Scenes

This Urban Scenes lesson plan also includes:

Select a theme together to guide and inspire works of art. Class members view images of art and discuss the images of cities. After choosing a theme, individuals create posters that reflect and contribute to the theme. They can use paint and images to create their posters, and complete a short write-up to conclude the project.

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Classroom Considerations

  • The plan does not include a slide show, but it would be easy to create your own using the provided images of artwork found Artworks and Artists and See and Compare sections
  • The materials section of the resource itself is a bit confusing; the first list of materials is included in every plan, and the rest of the instructions are designed for this specific plan

  • Images, vocabulary, extension ideas, and a rubric are all included
  • The art project itself is explained step by step with written instructions and related images

  • None