Types of Clouds

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What's the term for clouds that look like fluffy cotton balls? What about thick, gray clouds? Learn the names and descriptions for each type of cloud with a worksheet and activity. Learners read four columns of high-level, mid-level, low-level, and vertical clouds, and answer eight questions below.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in your unit about clouds, weather, or the water cycle
  • Take learners on a nature walk to assess the types of clouds they see in the sky
  • Have kids keep a cloud journal in which they note the differences between clouds over the course of a day, week, or month
  • Use in a language arts reading assessment for informational or nonfiction texts
Classroom Considerations
  • Worksheet has color, but should print in black-and-white without impacting understanding
  • Comes with an answer key for easy assessment
  • Descriptions are thorough and easy to understand
  • None
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