Lesson Plan

Transforming Rational Functions

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Move all rational functions—well, maybe. Learners investigate the graphs of the reciprocals of power functions to determine a pattern between the graph and the power. Pupils graph rational functions where transformations are clearly visible by using the transformations of the parent function. By writing rational functions into equivalent functions, scholars determine whether they can be graphed using the same transformations. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Set up a graphing software application with several functions that allow for a slider to change values of transformational parameters
Classroom Considerations
  • Expects that students understand horizontal and vertical asymptotes and intercepts
  • Individuals should be comfortable with transformations of the graphs of functions
  • Part 15 of a 23-segment Pre-calculus unit
  • Provides lesson closing questions with anticipated answers
  • Includes detailed graphs as sample solutions
  • None
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