Lesson Plan

The Tempest: Fishbowl Discussion Strategy

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Readers learn together with a group discussion activity. As they read William Shakespeare's The Tempest, high schoolers prepare for a fishbowl discussion in which three or four learners sit in the middle of a large circle and have a thoughtful discussion about a concept or opinion from the play.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage kids to work together to prepare for the discussion, either in groups or in pairs
  • Introduce the discussion strategy with a sample topic, not based on the play (use a popular movie, TV show, or general statement as a point of discussion)
Classroom Considerations
  • Pages 3 and 5 are blank
  • Refers to the discussion strategy as a fishbowl discussion, also known as a Socratic discussion or guided discussion
  • Well-considered and organized lesson plan
  • Offers helpful pieces of advice, such as a suggested place in the play in which to implement the discussion, and different ways to activate prior knowledge
  • Provides a worksheet to prepare for the discussion, as well as a reflection worksheet after the discussion
  • Lesson is versatile for any novel, argument, historical debate, or anything else you'd like kids to discuss
  • None