The Pilgrims: Native American Relationship to the Land

This The Pilgrims: Native American Relationship to the Land video also includes:

An informative video sets the context for a lesson that asks young historians to consider how cultural values influence perspective. Groups compare the attitudes reflected in a journal entry of a member of the Plymouth Colony to those of the Wampanoag.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have groups research other instances where differing perceptions of an indigenous culture led to conflicts (Australian aboriginals, Maori New Zealanders, etc.)
Classroom Considerations

  • Includes a caution that some students, especially Native Americans, may find Mourt's journal upsetting

  • Includes a link to customizable teaching tips for integrating the resources into your curricula
  • A transcript of the video is also provided


  • The video provides few specific examples of how the Native Americans used the land