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The Operating System of Life

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How is a factory of robots similar to a cell? Examine cell structure, specialization, communication, replication, and more through the lens of a robot factory. Cell metaphors can be a fun concept as an assignment; after watching the video, challenge learners to come up with their own cell comparisons: a city, their house, the school, a company, etc. Give the class a list of cell structures that should be included in their metaphors, then have them draw their cell metaphors or create a flip book showing the structure in the cell and the comparable item and how the two are similar. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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  • Explains cell structures through a metaphor of robots in a factory that will be engaging to younger learners
  • Flip the lesson by creating your own assessment or assignment to go along with the video
  • Robot metaphor is carried a bit too far; seems more like a video about robots than about cells 
  • Animation of the people is poor quality
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