The Homework Machine: Novel Study

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Do opposites really attract? The D Squad in The Homework Machine includes of a quad of opposites. The group, made up of a teacher's pet, a geek, a class clown, and a slacker, make use of a machine to do their homework. In response to the story, scholars complete sentences with vocabulary words, answer comprehension questions, and analyze a quote to show what they know.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign learners to invent and write about a machine to make life easier
  • Integrate other subjects with the study of the Colorado River and forest fires
Classroom Considerations

  • Includes only a preview of a full novel study
  • Requires knowledge of adjectives

  • Incorporates literary elements such as personification, alliteration, and simile
  • Contains study of a quote from Abraham Lincoln

  • Does not provide sample work or answers