The Croc That Ran on Hooves

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New Review

A crocodile with hooves and razor-sharp teeth was really a thing—and there is proof. A video lesson from the PBS Eons series presents the fossil evidence and explores the reasons for the adaptations of the unique reptile. Scholars see a connection between the modern crocodile and the ancient reptile that is the focus of the lesson.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign each pupil a different video from the series to watch and share with the group
  • Have learners compare and contrast the features of the modern crocodile with those of the reptile featured in the lesson
Classroom Considerations

  • Assumes a basic understanding of evolution and animal adaptations

  • Includes a link to references and sources
  • Presenter shows enthusiasm for the topic, which holds viewers' attention

  • None