The Age of Reptiles in Three Acts

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Reptiles survived the largest extinction event on the planet and then they grew into the most dominant class of the Mesozoic Era. They quickly evolved into giants on land, sea, and air. In an episode of the PBS Eons series viewers learn how dinosaurs rose to power and why they couldn't adapt to a changing environment.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss in more detail why the t-Rex and other large dinosaurs are pictured with feathers
  • Create a timeline for each of the animals mentioned in the video to understand when we know they existed and which animals overlapped
Classroom Considerations
  • Relies on some prior knowledge of different eons and eras, the dinosaurs, and extinction events
  • Provides references for those wanting to know more
  • States all measurements in metric units but lists the corresponding measurements in imperial measurements on the screen
  • Offers closed captioning for visual learners
  • None