Text Analysis

This Text Analysis activity & project also includes:

Seven activities boost reading comprehension skills. Working independently and collaboratively, scholars analyze fiction and nonfiction text. Participants identify the author's purpose, determine and produce facts and opinions, as well as locate and make inferences. The practice is completed by way of learning games and worksheets.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Copy and laminate cards and game pieces for continued use with little wear and tear, use dry-erase markers for easy wipe-off 
  • Have copies ready in separate folders, allow early finishers to play games with peers when time permits 
  • Use activities alongside a classroom novel—assign games throughout the study and refer back to them as the class continues reading 
Classroom Considerations
  • Each activity requires copies and a variety of supplies 
  • The duration may vary depending on when and how many activities you choose to conduct 
  • The set of activities are the final part in a four-part unit 
  • Activities can be used with any fiction or nonfiction books 
  • Extensions and adaptations are provided 
  • Teacher instructions are written in detail 
  • None