Unit Plan

Tennis Unit

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This Tennis Unit unit plan also includes:

Game, set, match! Teach young athletes the basics of tennis with a set of tennis lesson plans. Each plan focuses on a different stroke and guides instructors through the best way to teach, refine, and extend tennis lesson.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show to a group of student teachers when discussing lesson plan formats to demonstrate that a consistent lesson plan format can work for any subject matter
  • Use the teaching strategies in your own tennis unit, augmenting the steps you already teach
  • Use the calendar as a baseline for planning your own unit
  • Great for private tennis coaches and tutors
Classroom Considerations
  • Syllabus comes with a very specific grading scale that may not match your own, as well as detailed course requirements and rules
  • Equipment list is on page 16
  • Provide solid and straightforward tips for teaching key tennis techniques
  • Helpful for physical education teachers who have not taught a tennis unit before
  • Includes refinement and extension activities in each lesson
  • Comes with demonstrative pictures
  • Contains some errors in spelling and grammar