Unit Plan

Surprise!: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 2)

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This Surprise!: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 2) unit plan also includes:

Surprise! is the theme of this series of ESL lessons. Cover an array of topics such as where we live, different times of day, shapes, the city and the country, what we do for fun, jobs, and games, all while practicing how to express ownership, blend short vowels sounds, capitalize words, and reinforce the concept of where words, naming words, and sequence words. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Go outside to play and practice where words using the playground equipment
  • Invite parents to come to class to speak about his or her profession 
  • Have a game day in class; review the rules of each game prior to starting play time 


Classroom Considerations
  • This resource was designed to accompany the Houghton Mifflin 
    English language arts text
  • Literature books referenced are not included; visit your school library, or download a copy, to use with your class 
  • Review materials lists prior to conducting the lessons as each one is different depending on the activities involved 
  • Engagement is enhanced through total physical response (TPR) 
  • Multi-level response prompts and language transfer tips are provided for extra English langugae learner support
  • Many of the lessons refer to curriculum books and materials that are not included making portions difficult to complete with modifications