Super Bowl: History and Anthology

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The educational opportunities are overwhelming with this (almost) complete anthology and history of every Super Bowl since 1968. Excite your football enthusiasts with information that can be used to create cross-curricular activities in math, history, geography, and English language arts.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Using a large map, plot the stadiums in which every Super Bowl has occurred
  • Have learners create a graph of the number of Super Bowl games each team has won and lost
  • Use the game statistics in each Super Bowl to create various math problems
Classroom Considerations
  • Navigate to the Super Bowls not listed on the website by typing in any year after 1968 onto the end of the URL in the address bar. For example: change "2010" in Super Bowl XLIV URL to "2011" to see Super Bowl XLV
  • Ensure the class has access to the Internet to explore the resource
  • The opportunities are endless in creating activities around the data and text provided for each Super Bowl
  • Each Super Bowl includes information on where and when the game was played, an interview with one of the players, statistics of the game, a brief video with highlights, pictures from the game, and notable pop culture events that occurred in that year
  • Not all of the years are listed on the interactive; however, the URLs in the address bar can be manipulated to find them