Lesson Plan

Studying for Careers

How can good study habits set someone up for a successful career? Learners explore the relationship between study skills and job skills in the fourth installment of a five-part college and career readiness lesson plan series. The group brainstorms a list of good study habits, then select and discuss those they feel are the most important and relevant in the career world.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Open the lesson by asking the class what skills they think you have that make you a successful teacher
  • Have individuals talk to adults in their families to learn more about the time management skills needed to balance work and life
Classroom Considerations
  • Students may need a little extra guidance in terms of choosing study skills they feel would work in a career
  • Easy to assess either verbally or with written work, which gives pupils options of how to show what they know
  • Working toward consensus within a group helps build interpersonal skills
  • None