Unit Plan

STEM Camp—Urban Infrastructure

Build a bridge to learning in a STEM-aligned unit about urban infrastructure. Young engineers explore the many aspects of civil planning and design in a five-day unit. Content includes the challenging aspects of balancing building with ever-changing geological conditions and minimizing infrastructure's effects on the environment. The unit culminates with the Dream School project, where teams present their designs for the perfect school.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite civil engineers from your community to visit with the class and answer questions about the challenges of urban infrastructure planning and design
  • Plan a trip for class members to conduct in-person investigations into local areas where erosion is affecting the infrastructure
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan time each day for pupils to work on their Engineering Challenge project, as well as computer time for simulations
  • The unit is only available as a single URL
  • The unit is well-rounded and includes strategies for teaching about the most common challenges in urban planning
  • Highlights a wide array of careers within the unit to illustrate the many professions that work together to develop and maintain urban infrastructure
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