Sleep Tag

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Zombies? No, just sleepwalking taggers. After splitting the gym into two sides, pick two people to be the taggers and two people to be the magic fairies. As taggers tag people on the daytime side, they must "fall asleep" on the nighttime side and count down from 10. Once finished, the magic fairies tag the tagged, allowing the players to go back to the daytime side.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Dim one side of the court to make it dark for the nighttime side
  • Cut out stars and suns to put on both the nighttime and daytime sides
  • Switch up the taggers often
Classroom Considerations
  • Video suggests setting up a volleyball net to split the gym into daytime and nighttime side
  • Assumes learners can count down from 10
  • Requires foam paddles tp be used as the magic wands
  • Ensure taggers tag appropriately
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Allows players to exert energy and be active
  • Reinforces math skills by counting down
  • None