September Gale T-Shirts

This September Gale T-Shirts lesson plan also includes:

Focus on the principles of design with a wearable landscape art project. The plan provides definitions to share and art to examine. After students have a grasp of the principles, they draw a scene to eventually transfer onto a T-shirt. Individuals wear their shirts to show off their work while they present how they incorporated the principles and elements of design.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Make your own T-shirt and wear it when introducing the project to engage learners in the discussion about the principles of design
  • Put together a slide show using the provided images so that learners can view the art in greater detail
Classroom Considerations

  • There are two parts to this project: the initial composition and the T-shirt version; learners don't transfer the entire composition onto a shirt

  • Vocabulary, rubric, extension ideas, images, and more are all included

  • None