Scientific Models: Mathematical, Physical and Conceptual

This Scientific Models: Mathematical, Physical and Conceptual interactive also includes:

This is one super model interactive! Middle and high school science scholars examine scientific models through a simple resource. Guided, hands-on practice allows them to classify conceptual, mathematical, and physical models. Other topics include the purpose of models and determining the best model for a given idea.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Ask the class to name other models that fall into the mathematical, physical, and conceptual categories
  • Incorporate the interactive into math, chemistry, or physical science classes
Classroom Considerations

  • Three of the embedded questions are discussion questions; plan adequate class time for this activity
  • Access the interactive through a free CK-12 account 

  • Embedded questions are designed to promote differentiation between model types
  • The interactive gives learners feedback as they go

  • None