School Lunch: Grades 6-8

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School lunches are the focus of two learning activities. Activity one challenges small groups to create a lunch menu for an imaginary cafe. Activity two sheds light on one's afternoon eating habits. Asking scholars to record what they eat every day for a week then analyze their choices. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect with the school's or districts' food service professional, invite them to speak to the class about the process they follow to create a menu
  • Review quiz answers as a class, go over questions that proved more challenging and clear up any misinformation
  • Keep eating records private, check-in with pupils to go over their observations
Classroom Considerations
  • Due to food insecurity, a meal from school may be the best or the only, option for a child; consider tone and choice of words so as not to isolate or emphasize one's feelings
  • This age range can be sensitive towards eating habits, keep an eye out for risky behaviors and take necessary steps to keep individuals safe 
  • Both activities offer two extension options
  • The quiz comes with an answer key
  • None