Root Words

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Scholars demonstrate their knowledge of root words aqua and aud, and develop vocabulary skills by completing of a chart, handout, and worksheet using creative thinking skills, a dictionary, and a thesaurus. 


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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Divide class into small groups according to level of root word proficiency to support one another's knowledge during this activity 
  • As the instructional day goes on, invite scholars to point out root words used, and add them to the handout to review for homework, or the next root word learning period 
  • Assign small groups one, or a few, root words to examine, complete their handout, then present their findings to the class 
Classroom Considerations
  • Copies, dictionaries, and thesauruses are required to complete this lesson
  • Remind class members to keep their root words handout in a safe place as they will reference, and add to it, as root word instruction continues 
  • A date, specific state standards, and the teacher's name, is listed on the lesson, but does not interfere with the understanding of the resource 
  • Lesson identifies learning types as visual, verbal, logical, comprehension, and application 
  • Objectives are provided for learning, behavior, and motivation 
  • A picture example of a class-created reference chart is included
  • Typos are obvious
  • A list of root words is not provided to guide your instruction
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