Romeo and Juliet

An engaging video featuring William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is accompanied by six activities designed to reinforce vocabulary, story elements, and comprehension. Scholars match words to pictures, place events in sequential order, identify true and false statements, and answer a question in writing and drawing.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Direct pupils to write down their scores after each activity—check scores for accountability and level of comprehension 
  • Flip your classroom—assign part of the lesson for homework in preparation for learning activities to complete at school 
  • Conduct a cooperative learning activity such as a Think, Pair, Share to complete the final discussion question 
Classroom Considerations
  • If you decide to go paper instead of digital, activity packets including the story, are five pages long
  • The interactive is sixth of seven featuring Shakespeare's dramas 
  • Although designed for language learners, the resource is appropriate for all pupils
  • Comes with a brief activity to frontload vocabulary 
  • Provides instant feedback when digital activities are completed
  • Flashcards support character identification 
  • None