Rhythm in Poetry: You Can Scan, Man

This Rhythm in Poetry: You Can Scan, Man activity & project also includes:

A detailed lesson written for budding poets challenges them to scan poems to discover stressed and unstressed syllables. Dashes and slashes highlight the syllables to count the feet, which makes the rhythm of the poem. Questions test pupils' abilities. A description of why scanning poems is necessary ends the learning experience.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Flip your classroom—assign the lesson for homework before a thorough discussion and learning activity in class 
  • Gather a variety of poems, invite pupils to read them aloud to hear the different rhythms 
  • Bookmark the webpage on classroom devices, direct learners to visit the site during their ELA period
Classroom Considerations
  • The second in a series of five Rhythm of Poetry lessons
  • Individual reading levels determine whether the lesson requires assistance
  • Key terms are hyperlinked to definitions—but beware of ads that pop up
  • Answers to questions are provided instantly
  • None