Lesson Plan

Responding to Conflict: Mediation

What happens when two parties can't come to agreement? Scholars explore the role of a mediator through part 10 of a 15-part series of peacebuilding lessons. Through individual work and role play, pupils brainstorm solutions until they reach an acceptable solution.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Show an example mediation video to give the class an idea of what the process looks like
  • Ask the class why they think it is important that the mediator try to remain neutral throughout the negotiation process
Classroom Considerations
  • Create groups of three or four, with two co-mediators in the larger groups
  • The lesson is straightforward in its approach to demonstrating the mediation process
  • Student handouts are easy to use and helpful
  • The links to additional resources to describe mediation no longer work
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