Red-Light Green-Light

This Red-Light Green-Light activity & project also includes:

Choose a person to be the stoplight. Have everyone else line up on the opposite side of the gym. If "green light" is called out, the players run toward the stoplight person until they hear "red light," which means stop. Anyone that does not stop after red light is called, must start over at the beginning of the line. The activity repeats for several rounds. The first person to make it to the other side of the gym now becomes the new stoplight person.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Variate the game and have pupils dribble, skip, army crawl, jump, etc. when green light is called
Classroom Considerations
  • Practice red and green lighting before beginning the game
  • Serves great as a warm-up
  • Does not require any equipment
  • Has a lot of variations for the game and can be easily modified
  • Reinforces listening skills and reaction timing
  • None