Reading and Talking with Peers: A Carousel of Photos and Texts about Frogs

Frogs are the theme of a lesson plan that challenges scholars to examine photographs, read informational texts, then ask and answer questions. Scholars work collaboratelively as they rotate through stations, discuss their observations, and record any questions that arise. Lesson debriefing clarifies participants' inquiries and opens the door for future lessons about frogs. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Direct pupils to paste their worksheets into their interactive ELA journal—papers will be easy to locate, write on, and reference at a later time 
  • Set a timer that you can project on a screen to make class members aware of the time and keep them on task
Classroom Considerations
  • Materials and lessons from past units are mentioned 
  • Minor prep-work, including copies, is required prior to conducting lessons from the unit 
  • The lesson is the first of 11 in a larger reading unit 
  • Cooperative learning strategies are incorporated into most areas fo the lesson 
  • The Carousel protocol allows for movement and social interaction 
  • Lists several ideas for meeting multiple learners' needs 
  • None
Common Core