Racial Justice in Education Resource Guide

This Racial Justice in Education Resource Guide professional document also includes:

Strive for racial justice within your classroom community with help from an 80-page resource guide. Five modules move scholars through thoughtful, and reflective grand conversations to making a plan, then taking action. Learners write out their plan to keep the momentum on track. Participants evaluate their work to identify what works and what needs improvement to make positive change.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create an informative bulletin board in the library, hallway, or multipurpose room to inform the school of the work being done and encourage social change 
  • Welcome the principal to one or several discussions
  • Give pupils a journal to write their thoughts, feelings, and ideas to share with their classmates when discussions resume
Classroom Considerations
  • The duration reflects the amount of time one meeting may take
  • Requires copies
  • Provides ample opportunities to practice listening and speaking skills
  • Includes a glossary
  • Develops social awareness
  • Links to outside resources and tools do not work