Lesson Plan

Projectiles: Target Practice

Angry Birds prepared them, but now pupils must prove their skills with projectiles! Scholars test different variables to determine which ones impact the distance the projectile flies. The experiment provides connections to kinetic and potential energy as well as elastic potential energy and projectiles.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create one larger scale model to test outside; after the end of the lab, let students predict where to place the target for the larger model
Classroom Considerations
  • Advanced lab requires prior knowledge of algebra, proportionality, square roots, and arithmetic
  • Before the lab, teachers should prepare the launcher, projectile, and balance for each group
  • Offers both regular lab and advanced lab versions of the material
  • Includes a mini-lecture going over all necessary vocabulary
  • Answer key includes how to get the correct answers
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