Science Department Lab Report Format

Make sure your scientists are reporting their work effectively by providing them with a reference for their lab reports. The first few pages of this resource detail each element of a lab report, and the last few pages provide an example lab report that incorporates each step and requirement.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this resource as a model for creating your own guidelines
  • Split up the two elements of the resource and use as you see fit—if you're only in need of a sample lab report, just print out the last few pages
Classroom Considerations
  • The document has a particular school name at the top that cannot be edited; however, you could white it out when making copies. The school name is mentioned one more time briefly in the resource
  • The sample lab report is nicely put together and can act as a reference page all year long
  • In the description part of the resource, there are some minor capitalization and grammar errors