Inevitably, whenever you give an assignment, at least one person won't start until the last minute. As the 13th handout in the 24-part Writing the Paper series explains, procrastination sometimes brings consequences. It breaks down reasons for putting off assignments, addresses common myths about writing, and provides strategies to help complete papers on time.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Share the handout with learners who frequently procrastinate and ask them to describe where they see themselves in the discussion
  • Give scholars due dates throughout the writing process to encourage them to avoid putting tasks off until the last minute
Classroom Considerations
  • Print out copies and have them available in the classroom
  • Offers specific challenges to help overcome obstacles writers face
  • Includes hyperlinks to additional handouts and videos
  • Handout feels long and jumbled, making it difficult to find a specific topic
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