Reading to Write

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Silly journal and essay prompts may be fun to write, but they don't model the kind of writing needed for college papers and standardized tests. The 15th part in a series of 24 covers the concept of reading to write—during and after reading strategies to help create an effective response to a text. Advice includes tips such as taking notes while reading, scheduling when to write the paper, and sharing a draft with a friend.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pick a reading strategy, such as identifying the genre, and practice using it as a whole class
  • Give a writing assignment based on a text and go through the process of completing the assignment step by step with scholars
Classroom Considerations
  • Share with learners digitally, so they can access at any time during the process
  • Easy to skim thanks to bullet points and bold font
  • Promotes reflection on before, during, and after the writing process
  • Contains limited tips during the actual writing process and focuses on less effective tips, such as writing a draft a few days before a paper is due
Common Core