Planning a Historical Fiction Narrative Based on Expert Trades

Pupils plan for a historical fiction narrative based on their previous research on expert trades from the Colonial Era. Using the four-square graphic organizer, individuals organize the information they want detailed in each of their four paragraphs. For homework, young writers craft a short comic strip that represents the plan for their narrative.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Keep individual work organized in a folder for easy access and organization
Classroom Considerations

  • Pupils use research on expert trades from unit 2 of this module to plan for a historical fiction narrative
  • Class members add another section to their ongoing rubrics that are used to grade their final task
  • The fifth in a series of 16 lessons that works toward writing a historical fiction narrative

  • Common Core designed
  • Lesson is clearly organized and includes a comic strip template, as well as a graphic organizer

  • None
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