Personal Growth and the Personal Leadership Inventory

This Personal Growth and the Personal Leadership Inventory lesson plan also includes:

What are employers looking for in prospective employees? Career-minded high schoolers examine their strongest technical skills as well as important 21st century skills, including leadership, empathy, clear communication, working well with others, and respect for diversity. They then create a plan to improve their skills for interviews and career readiness.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Connect to a language arts class to build content skills as well as career readiness
  • Use in a career center in the library to prepare learners for job interviews and college applications
  • Incorporate into a project in which class members research their dream careers and role play job interviews
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson is scheduled for 30-45 minutes, but you could expand any part of it according to your curriculum
  • Consider using the activity with middle school pupils as well

  • Promotes self reflection and assessment
  • Includes a definition of leadership as one who not only leads, but can follow others as well
  • Provides student worksheets and teaching modules

  • None